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(Français) L’Aveyron

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Ceyrac :

Located 620 meters above sea level, this ancient village was once surrounded by high walls that have not entirely disappeared. The village center with church and tower-keep was fortified. The castle was sold to Bonneval monks in 1342. Ceyrac top spread outside the walled part.

Those districts are called : La Bourgade, La Borie, Le Barry Haut, Le Barry Bas.

Instead of the current church (built at the end of the 15th century) there was another very old church that was stuck to the old castle of which still remains tower-keep in ruins. All that remains of this church is Romanesque bell tower.

This church is described as an architectural beauty containing six altars, three silver reliquaries, two silver crosses and two chalices which disappeared during the French Revolution.

Salette chapel :

In 1864, François Martel, would erect a cross on his hill. He spoke with the parish priest. Recently, two parishioners had made a pilgrimage to Our Lady of La Salette in the Alps. It was then decided to build a chapel rather than a cross in the name of Our Lady of La Salette.

The faithful contributed to the chapel construction giving wood for building structures particular. They also worked voluntarily for many days. Completed in 1865, people came to the chapel to ask crops and goods protection.

St Hyppolyte cross :

Located at the lowest point of Ceyrac village between CD 59 and CD 988, dating from the 15th century. Listed as one of the oldest in Rouergue.

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